NetFront Mobile Content Viewer

NetFront Mobile Content Viewer 4.0

This program ensures the compatibility of mobile content and mobile Web sites (See all)

NetFront Mobile Content Viewer is a comprehensive previewing and testing application that ensures the seamless compatibility of mobile content and mobile Web sites with ACCESS’ popular NetFront™ browser.

NetFront Mobile Content Viewer is a free application that will be initially available for download from the ACCESS Web site. NetFront Mobile Content Viewer can also be used as a plug-in previewing and testing solution with the professional XHTML editor in Adobe® GoLive® CS software.

NetFront Mobile Content Viewer provides a complete Windows® 2000/Windows® XP-based previewing and testing environment for professional mobile Web developers targeting NetFront browser. It supports a broad set of Internet standards including HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.1 (including Mobile Profile), CHTML, CSS1 and 2 (partial), ECMA Script 3rd edition, DOM level 1 and 2, DHTML (partial), SSL3/TLS1.0 and more.

NetFront Mobile Content Viewer can emulate handset screen sizes at 120 x 160 and 240 x 320 pixels with its included handset skins, and it supports various display modes including Full Page, Just-Fit and Smart-Fit Rendering™ an advanced proprietary rendering technology that intelligently reconfigures full Web pages to fit the narrow screens of mobile devices. NetFront Mobile Content Viewer supports advanced mobile Internet standards like SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).

Main features:

-Internet content can be viewed in the same manner as with a standard browser
-The screen size, font size, etc. can be set according to the terminal specifications
-Key operations mimic the operations found on a mobile device
-NetFront Mobile Content Viewer can be used as a preview environment for authoring tools like Adobe GoLive and DreamWeaver®

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